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Donation FAQs

  • Do I need to have a PayPal Account to donate to Unity Arts Trust?

No, you can pay using Pay Pal WITHOUT opening an account with them. Obviously, they make it look like you must sign up by giving page prominence to the sign-in box. However, if you look through the other side if the webpage you will see the words ” Don’t have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Continue…”

  • If I use Pay Pal, won’t  I will get my identity stolen?

Regarding using Paypal for donations on this website, Pay Pal says about itself:-

You’re protected wherever you shop with PayPal. Not just on eBay, but on any of the thousands of sites where PayPal is accepted, you can get full protection* for your purchases. So in the unlikely event that an item doesn’t arrive or isn’t what you expected, you can get your money back. Terms and conditions apply.PayPal says that it offers 24/7 anti fraud and anti phishing monitoring systems and agents which is a high level of security.

Above these assurance is the hard fact that it is true that anyone who adds personal information on the web is at risk for identity theft. Still  you are  also at risk if you use a cash machine, leave a receipt for something out of a carrier bag, put an old utility bill in the bin without shredding it or even just registering to vote is open to data fraud.  All these processes   create records that, if you have the incentive and the know-how, can be used in identity theft. The choice must be up to you as no website of payment system can 100% guarantee your safety.

  • Does Gift Aid apply to online donations?

Yes,  the information you provide when you pay allows us to claim Gift Aid which makes a huge difference to your amount – as long as you tick the Gift Aid box

Is there anything I can do to make donating or shopping on the intenet safer?

There are many simple ways you can radically improve your internet safety:-

  • Only use one credit or debit card for buying and donating online and preferably never  use your main card that is linked to your main bank account.
  • Never use your birthday, your age or your name as passwords or user-names if money is involved.
  • When choosing which debit or credit card to use, make sure it has a clear anti-fraud policy and tells you exactly what will happen to your money, goods and account should your identity be stolen.  Most ‘Good’ cards will check by calling you  if they think there is suspicious activity on your card, some will offer a ‘no-quibble’ refund of any money that has been fraudulently obtained, others will pay out sums of cash that you have paid out for goods should the online ‘shop’ you were using turn out to be fraudulent. Do check they small print as like most insurance, some have excesses that might be high.
  • Always look for the ‘s’  in the address bar when you are in a secure area. This is often accompanied by an icon of a lock and show that the site is encrypted and secure
  • Never stay ‘logged in’ to a site where you have used bought something
  • Never respond to a link to a bank sent in an email, even if you have an account in question. Suggested you have been hacked is one of the most effective ways to spread virus, fraud and – get hacked! If looking for validation, check for valid information. Anyone can get your name and email but does it contain more personal information – such as you last order with an order number or a correct password etc. These sorts of details are harder to fake but most banks  policy is to never correspond via email
  • Remember emails are like postcards, potentially anyone can read them. Never send account details in emails – if you HAVE to, split up the numbers and send them in separate ones.
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