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Unity Arts TrustThe Unity Arts Trust relies on donations to ensure its objectives are met. When charitable status is achieved, gift aid will also be available for past and present contributors.

You can donate to the work of the Unity Arts Trust in three ways;


You can donate any amount to the Unity Arts Trust by using the donation button below or contacting Tim on 01243-530179.

Friends of Unity Arts.

If you are planning to donate £50 or over to the Trust, you qualify to become a Friend of Unity Arts. This has a number of ongoing benefits including sneak previews of exhibitions and open studios.

  • You can become a Friend of the  Unity Arts Trust by using the Pay Now  button below or contacting Tim on 01243-530179.
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Donation Amounts

Founder Members

Founder Members have an opportunity to be remembered by a plaque (to themselves or dedicated recipient) as the visionaries  who supported the Trusts establishment.  Founders will also benefit from a  life-long club membership, with first class, exclusive opportunities to see their support realised in named bursaries, exclusive exhibitions and unprecedented access to artists’ studios.  Founders must give a minimum of £500 or more which reflects the  lifetime’s worth of ongoing benefits and concessions.

  • You can become a Founder Member  of the  Unity Arts Trust by using the Pay Now  button below or contacting Tim on 01243-530179.
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Donation Amounts

You can sponsor the Unity Arts Trust by giving “services in kind”. This means that you donate a particular service, manpower, venue, waive a fee or donate free printing, administration or objects that can be auctioned to raise money. Sponsors currently include West Sussex County Council, Chichester District Council, University of Chichester and Access-bydesign. com.
Sponsors logos will appear on the website and (where appropriate) on printed material.
  • You can become a Sponsor  of the  Unity Arts Trust by  contacting Tim on 01243-530179 or using the online form or email.
Access- by Design - We give you back your website. Proud to be a supporter of the Unity Arts Trust.
Chichester District Council - Pleased to support the Unity Arts Trust
West Sussex County Council  - Pleased to be a sponser of Unity Arts Trust