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Sophia Alexander-James

Sophia Alexander-James – http://sophiaalexander-james.com/ -

I am interested in the process of painting, In particular, the action of applying paint to a surface.  I enjoy the interaction between the ground surface and the paint.  The preparation of the board or paper is quite particular and it takes a great deal of time before painting begins.  The contradiction between the controlled preparations of the board alongside the quick action of applying the oil paint creates a charged, energetic surface.  The application of the oil paint is minimal.  I often apply then remove the paint which stains the exposed ground of the board leaving only a trace of the erased paint.  This can have beautiful results, its unpredictability can be frustrating and I look to regain control of the marks that I am making.  I enjoy this methodical way of working.

I seek to create relationships and contradictions between edges, colours, depth and flatness.  My recent paintings explore edge and boundaries.  Themes of order and chaos surround my work.  The opposition of hard edged lines meeting uneven edges adds to the drama of this charged energetic surface.  The physical action of dragging the brush across the surface is important to the sweeping marks which I create.  Working large scale allows me to take full advantage of the bodily action involved in creating the mark.

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